What is niche and how to select the best one for your blog?

So you want to know; what is niche?

Niche means your most favorite topic.

It is a topic which you enjoy a lot. You don’t take it as simply a work. Whenever you are happy you work on it. Whenever you are sad you be happy working on it.

It is your passion. You never get bored working on it. You keep thinking of it. You keep exploring new things in it.

So this is the simplest answer of the question what is niche.

What is niche theoretically?

It is your comfortable position. If you do a work easily, happily and willingly it is called your niche.


Why so many people do poetry. We know poetry is not a rewarding activity. Most poets spend their whole life hand-to-mouth.

It hardly pays you to make your full-time living. But despite that in every era people become poet. Because poetry is their niche. That is why regardless of its economic value they do poetry either they get any reward or not.

What should be niche of your blog?

The niche of your blog means a topic:

  • You are most interested in it
  • You have or can have huge information of it
  • You never be fed up working on it

But this is one-sided story of your niche. It is not enough that you simply pick your favorite topic and make a blog on it.

You don’t blog for yourself. You blog for your target audience right? Especially if you want to earn money with it.

So what is niche for all?

So is your niche equally your target audience demand. Do they like it? Do they love it? Do they want to know more and more about it? You must know this before starting a blog. How?

Niches in hot demand

People search solutions of their problems.

So, all the niches that offer solutions are always in hot demand.

Some people want to know where to get higher education with minimum fee.

Some others want to earn more money in their free time.

Some people want to know what is latest in showbiz.

So there is a wide range of things people want to know.

What is Niche
What is Niche

How to know what people are searching on internet?

For this you have Google Keyword Planner. This is a tool of Google that tells you how many people search an info like “free online photography course” in one month. Even it tells you where from these people were who searched this term in last month.

You can write any phrase in Google Keyword Planner and know easily what its demand is.

So, one point is clear. Your niche must be solution-based. It must be a topic that can put value in life of your target audience.

Selecting the best niche

It is not enough. You select a common niche of yours and your target audience. What is its sale value? This is equally important. Are there several products in the market related to various sub-topics of this niche?

For example if your niche is “success in examination”, you need to see what products are available in the market to solve the problems of the people related to this niche.

A memory enhancer, a learning guide or a study programmer; they all are products related to this niche.

So before selecting a niche you need to be sure of:

  • It is your favorite topic (niche)
  • It is your audience demand
  • It has market value.

What if your niche is not hot in demand?

This is the main problem many bloggers face while picking a niche.

The topic they like most, usually don’t have much appeal in market. It is not salable. It is not hot in demand.

So if you pick a niche which you like only and not in demand. It means you will succeed in it but don’t earn huge money with it.

You can produce great contents but people won’t buy the products which you recommend in your posts.

In this case people don’t need your recommended products because they are not in fashion or people have more alternative of them.

Here you need to compromise a little if your sole purpose is to earn money with it. You can pick your second most favorite topic if the first one does not have huge demand in market.

This is the only viable way to finally pick your niche that is also profitable. You can’t create demand of a product if people don’t want them. So be flexible and prefer the liking of customers.

Cheap versus costly niche

Here again you need to act rationally while picking your niche. If your niche is cheap just rethink why you want to create a blog.

To earn big money in long time or to earn big money in short time. If you sell peanuts you need to sell in huge quantity to make big money.

So first pick the best and costly niche. Rich people demand costly products like Mercedes-Benz, diamond jewelry, polo sports equipment, designer watches etc.

Here you can earn handsome money by selling just one item. So pick a niche related to these products.

Let me clarify it with calculations.

For example your niche is blogger templates. The highest price of a template is 150 dollars.

If you sell one daily at your blog it means you earn 40% commission on it which equals $60. So you earn $1800 in a month.

Make rich people your client to earn big by selling costly products

If your niche is a costly one like designer watches. The average highest price of a designer watch is $1000.

If you sell one watch daily with simply 20% commission on it, you earn 200 dollars daily and 6,000 dollars per month.

So what do you say which niche is more attractive?

You must put aside greed factor while picking a niche from cheap and costly category.

If a costly niche is not really your passion, just skip it because you won’t be able to do even one sale daily with it.

First look how much you are involved in a topic then examine if it’s cheap or costly.

So follow the priority order given below while picking a niche:

  • Priority one: Your most favorite + hot in demand + costly
  • Priority two: You favorite + hot in demand + costly
  • Priority three: Your most favorite + hot in demand + cheap
  • Priority four: Your favorite + hot in demand + cheap
  • Priority five: Your most favorite + not so hot in demand + costly
  • Priority six: Your most favorite + not so hot in demand + cheap

Top 10 evergreen niches of all times

The number of searches of niches keeps changing. But these are the top 10 niches which are always in hot demand. It is best if your favorite is among one of them.

  • Money making: It includes all ways to make money with internet
  • Blogging: It includes blogging tips, tutorials, lessons, secrets, search engine optimization, content writing, social media optimization etc
  • Technology: All gadgets, applications and technical equipment related to information technology
  • Insurance claims: It includes how to get your insurance claim, what is its procedure, how to avail it with minimum deductions.
  • Green energy: All types of alternative energy including solar, wind power, thermal and their easy availability at home and offices
  • Weight loss: All exercises and medicines with no side effects, exercising equipment, and diet plans to control weight
  • Investment: Including stock trading, mutual funds, retirement plans etc
  • Loans: Including home loans, car loans, micro financing, education loans
  • Jobs: Including how to get a job, job interview guide, job sites, job application guides and job searching hints.
  • Lifestyle: Including all fashion ware, jewelery, makeup, style and all other accessories related to fashion

Under these niches you can pick a sub niche if you don’t want to cover it broadly and to stay in a limit.

Products related to them are always in demand because all of them directly solve problems of people.

So this is all about what is niche and how to pick most fit for you. Find your niche that must be your favorite. Hot demand of your audience and has several products related to its sub topics.


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