How To Develop Your Own Product And Make Money Blogging?

There are two ways to make money blogging. Either sell others products or develop your own product and sell it. Choice is yours. But it’s not so easy choice. You need to have answer of following questions.

Do you have a blog community that will buy your product?
Do you have expertise to develop your own product?
Why people will buy from you instead of giant businesses?

So, first question is so simple. Google Analytics tell you what are your traffic states?

But the second question is little difficult to answer. With passion you can say yes you can develop your own product.

But it doesn’t mean another addition in stock of already available one. It must have an edge on others. It may be of price, value, access or your trust that convince your readers to buy your product.

How To Develop Your Own Product And Make Money Blogging
How To Develop Your Own Product And Make Money Blogging

What can be your own product?

It should be a product or service that fully serves a particular need of your target audience. It can be:

A physical product like an herbal medicine or weight loss machine
It can be an intangible product like guidebook or manual
A service or tutorial that trains its subscribers on a given topic

Conceive the idea

First of all conceive the idea of your product. Note it down and then keep thinking on its all aspects. Examine your skills to put this idea into action. Assess your expertise to fully develop your own product.

Plan of action

Then make a plan of action to make it. Make a schedule of working daily for its development. There are three important phases of this activity.

  • Research
  • Development
  • Showcasing


Make extensive research to find what is already available on net. Yes on net because you will also sell it on net. Examine what these products lack in benefits. Also check what people want more in terms of benefits.

This you can check by reading the product reviews of the entire range of products similar to yours. Then make a record of what lacking is pointed out in product reviews. Note all shortcomings in already available products of similar nature and remove them while developing yours.


Never make haste in developing. Distribute the whole work in slots. First develop then improve. After that, make its one more review. Do it in piecemeal to develop the best one. If possible get its one review by a second look. He may be your confidante friend or family member. Then develop the final copy of your product.


The first and foremost place is your blog to showcase it and make money blogging. Place an ad of its release at a prominent place on your blog. Write a review on it. Offer other bloggers to write a review and pay them or share with them revenue on their referred sale. It is ascertained by a coupon number allotted them.

If a buyer comes from their blog to buy your product he will be easily traced with this coupon number. It will tell on which blogger’s reference a buyer has clicked on “buy the product option” on your blog.

Last point to make money blogging

Never develop your own product just for the sake of having one. If it serves the need of your blog audience more than other products can do then go for it.

Otherwise it will be a burden on you that will not be sold and eventually you will be distributing it for free. If you distribute a priced product for free it reflects nobody is ready to buy it and you are forced to dole it out.

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