How To Create A Blog Without Any Confusion?

Do you know How To Create A Blog?

If you think starting a blog collectively means:

  • Selecting a niche
  • Buying a domain and hosting
  • Establishing your blog on WordPress or Blogger with free or premium template
  • Publishing contents
  • Doing their SEO
  • Promoting your blog posts at social media
  • Attracting traffic
  • Earning money with PPC, CPA and banner ads as well as product reviews, paid posts and affiliate marketing

I repeat if you think this is the complete answer of the question how to create a blog; you are absolutely wrong.

This is the technical answer of the question how to create a blog.

A little kid can do all these tasks by just following the instructions at each step.

Do you believe starting a blog is that much easy?

Oh I see. Still you mean creating a blog does mean the entire above steps.

Here you are wrong.

If someone asks you how to create a blog it means how to make a blog successful by achieving your blogging goals.

So to build a successful blog you need to cover both technical and conceptual chores to do blogging.

But first you need to decide what type of blogging you want to do?

You have two options to either become an amateur blogger or a professional blogger.

So first let’s discuss with a little detail what both types are:

How to become an amateur blogger?

If you want to start a blog just to make a try or pass the time or enjoy with it or be connected with your friends and family, it is called amateur blogging.

You don’t aim to earn at your blog to make money. Nor you aim to promote your business with it.

To become an amateur blogger you should go for free stuff including

  • Free hosting on or
  • A free template, thousands of free WordPress and Blogger templates are available online
  • A free domain like, www.yourdomainname.blogspot/

Even if you don’t want to earn money, I advise you to buy your own domain.

It will hardly cost you $10. If you don’t continue you will lose maximum $10. If you continue you will have a benefit of old domain. It would already be indexed by search engines once you switch to professional blogging which I discuss in later part of the post.

After starting amateur blogging you need not to do much hard work for its promotion. So you will be doing more work for content creation and networking with other bloggers. Right?

You simply need to pick either or Register yourself there with your email address. Next steps are self-explanatory on each of these platforms. They guide you what to do after each step. You can easily build basic structure of your blog.

I recommend to start a blog to first assess yourself. It is as easy as ABC and its no step is irreversible. If you do any mistake you can undo it easily.

Points to ponder before becoming an amateur blogger

Are you confident of doing basic blogging chores yourself because you won’t earn money with your blog so early?

So you should not assume you would hire someone to help you as your blogging assistant. Yes if you are so rich and can afford one then it is your good luck and I am envious (not jealous) of you.

To do you basic blogging chores yourself, at least you should know:

  • How to select the best niche for you?
  • How to start your own blog. This you will learn after reading this post completely.
  • How to write contents that go viral?
  • How to do SEO of your blog?
  • How to promote your blog posts at social media?

If you know how to do all the above chores; don’t waste your time and create a blog just now.

How To Create A Blog Without Any Confusion
How To Create A Blog Without Any Confusion

How to create a blog as a professional blogger?

It means you want to start your blog formally with quality blogging products to achieve any or all of the following blogging goals:

  • To earn money with it
  • To support your already established business
  • To support a collective cause at a broader level

For this purpose you need to research a lot and examine every aspect of blogging.

Then you are ready to do professional blogging and want to buy premium things of basic level. It includes:

  • How to select a domain for your blog?
  • How to select a name of your blog?
  • How to buy a best hosting for your blog?
  • How to buy best blogger template?
  • Plus all the points as required for doing amateur blogging as noted above.

In view of my personal experience I recommend you to buy domain and hosting from Siteground.

For blog template I would recommend to buy Genesis Framework with framework theme and a child theme of your choice.

Framework theme is foundation of your blog template and child theme is the external appearance of your blog.

Both will support each other and will make your blog most fit for optimization. It offers a lot of optimization built-in features.

How to buy hosting and domain from Siteground?

Go to Siteground and select the hatching plan. Initially Startup plan is the best because you don’t have much stuff to occupy the free space.

Click next and buy it with your credit card. If you buy monthly payment plan you need to pay more. If you go for yearly plan you will pay less. For two years still lesser and for three years the least amount you will pay.

Submit your active email address to receive all messages on it. As soon as you receive an email with your login details, log on to your hosting and click on buy a domain option on the right top.

It is wise to first buy a hosting and then buy domain after fully satisfying with the carefully picked domain name. Enter the domain name of your choice and pay for it. Before doing this must check if it is available.

After that you will be asked to put your domain in nameserver of Siteground. It is not difficult you will get step by step instructions for it. Even if you face problem there is option of LiveChat on top of home page. Their customer service is very efficient. They guys will guide you step by step to make your hosting ready to work.

How to install WordPress blogging platform at your blog?

At home page of your hosting account registered by Sitegound there is an option of Quick Install under the option of Software and Services. Just click it and install step by step WordPress blogging platform on your hosting.

Get password and user ID of WordPress control panel to administer your blog. If you feel any problem, just to go this post and do it with step-by-step directions. After this, come back here to buy your blogging template.

How to buy a Genesis theme of your choice?

Buy a blog template of your choice from StudioPress. It includes basic framework plus child theme. Download the theme from there and save it in your PC clearly identifying its name and location.

How to install blog theme at WordPress control panel?

Now go to and put your login detail there.

In control panel or admin page click on Appearance and then on theme. You will find an option of install theme. Just click it and upload the Genesis theme from your hard drive. It is all done. Now customize it again clicking on Appearance. After that start publishing your post and do other steps as to be mentioned in our coming tutorials.

Points to ponder before becoming a professional blogger

  • Are you fully confident of your expertise and deep interest in your selected niche?
  • Can you manage your living with other resources at least for the initial six months of your blogging?
  • Do you have clear thoughts for the audience you want to attract and products or services you want to sell for earning money?
  • Do you have qualities of patience, consistency and connecting people both online and offline?

If yes then never waste more time and start your blog professionally from now.

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