How much you should invest to make a blog?

The time to make a blog with free resources has gone. Now quality matters a lot. You can’t maintain your blog awesomely with free stuff.

So you must be clear how much you should invest to make a blog before moving ahead.

For doing this you need to be clear on following points.

t is unwise to create your blog on free hosting and domain.

You don’t have control on it and the owner of free hosting can down your blog anytime without informing you.

So you should not take a risk to build your building at someone else plot. Right?

Also you don’t be happy if the name of your property is half yours and half registrar’s. So never get half name for free. It is like or

Buy a TLD (top-level-domain) like and get full control on it.

How much you should invest to make a blog
How much you should invest to make a blog

Blog’s beauty 

You can make a blog with free template but you can’t make it unique. Even if you make it you have to pay to web developer as fee for this job.

So instead of getting a free template and customizing it with the help of a developer isn’t it wise to buy a premium template and customize it as you wish.

It will become a unique design of your blog and people will remember it and come back to your blog.

Blog security

You publish contents on your blog. You create a blog post with lot of images, videos, tables, graphics etc and put them in text with a lot of your hard work.

You don’t do this for just one post. As older your blog, higher are the number of posts at it. Maybe 100, 1000 or more than 1000.

Would you like someone easily steal your whole blog or damage it.

This is called hacking. So obviously you want strong security system. This is available at a price.

Initially you need not to buy a premium security plugin but must get a free plugin that you can convert it into premium one as soon as your blog posts increase in huge number.

Except these very essential products you can initially go for free to make a blog. But with the intention as soon as you make money with your blog you convert all your free products into premium one. They include:

  • SEO Plugin: It optimizes your posts and search engines easily note them to promote on internet. There are several SEO plugins available online at reasonable prices.
  • Security Plugin: Its priced version will give rock solid security to your blog. They are also available in different varieties and price range.
  • Keyword Research Tool: It guides you which keywords will lift your blog up at Google and other search engine pages. Any of its priced versions lets you know highly searched and high paying keywords that will rock.
  • Image resources: Putting images in your blog posts by stealing them is an online crime. You can be fined on doing this. Google can even black list your blog on stealing the images to put in your contents. The wise way is to get the image but link it to its source or get the image from free resources. Remember images from free resources are also not your property and you have to mention in your blog post where from you get them for free. It may put bad impression on your blog readers who you are advising to buy things but yourself are using free resources. So as soon as you start earning money with your blog always go for options to buy images.
  • Blogger community membership: These are the online resources where you can share you blog posts and attract huge number of traffic from them. If you get free membership, your shared posts won’t be displayed prominently at it and you won’t get huge traffic. If you get paid membership then obviously your each post will be displayed at a prominent place and will attract huge number of visitors to your blog.

So you might have done your research for making a blog with the help of our previous posts. If not please go through them and be clear can you become a successful blogger.

Investing decision to make a blog

After that you have to opt one of the two ways:

For test blogging: If you want to test yourself if you can really do blogging successfully then fine to go for free stuff. Once you become clear you can shift your blog to a shared hosting with your own domain name and a premium blogging template. But you need to decide before your blog gets huge back links. It will be difficult to shift all of them from free domain to premium one.

For serious blogging: If you have found the required skills and temperament in you to become a successful blogger then you must go for premium option of all the basic required products to make a blog. It includes:

  • Domain name to show your blog as your personal property with your own coined domain name like
  • Blog hosting; this is online space where you showcase your blog for search engines to boot and for people to read.
  • Blog template; this is layout and design of your blog with a built-in template easily available online.

For how long you should keep investing

Template: For buying a blog template you have to pay once and that’s all. It will range from $25 to $150 depending upon how much quality you want. Which blogging template is best for you? This we will discuss in a later post. Here our question is how much you should invest to make a blog.

Domain: To buy a domain name you need to pay at least one-year fee that ranges from $7 to $15. Its exact amount depends upon the level of discount a domain registrar offers to you.

Hosting: For hosting you need to take a decision to either buy it for one month and keep extending it or buy it for one year. If you are not sure blogging is really your passion then go for a monthly plan. But once you do your extensive research before making a blog then it is wise to buy one year hosting.

Exact amount to make a blog

So in quantified terms you need at least $50 in total to buy a domain, a cheap blogging template and one month hosting plan. But for the sake of quality you should have $100. You can buy a moderate quality template and one year hosting plus domain name. Then you can focus on initial work after you make a blog. So this is the exact answer of your question how much you should invest to make a blog.

Email subscription; a step ahead

If you are damn clear to make a blog and manage it like-a-pro then you may take a step forward.

This is an email registration service. This is also available on per month basis.

Even here again you can take benefit of a scheme of MailChimp email service that offers free service up to 1000 email registrations. After that it charges an amount per month basis.

For the benefit of autoresponder on each registration MailChimp charge $10 for this facility.

Second one is Awber that does not offer any free incentive.  But it is the most reliable one. Here your monthly charges will be a little higher.

In short to make a blog professionally it is good to subscribe an email registration service from the beginning.

Most of the pro bloggers’ worst regret is that they could not have made subscribers of their blog from the very beginning.

So how much you should invest to make a blog. It all depends upon your seriousness and will to make a blog.

If you want to make it a source of your full-time earning then investment from the very beginning is a smart decision.

If you just want to do test blogging then you can go for free options to first fully learn how to make a blog and earn money with it.


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